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    • The marriage can be concluded before authorized religious celebrant or as a civil ceremony. Marriage contract parties wishing to have their religious marriage to be recognized by Polish law would have to file an appropriate affidavit before that ceremony.
    • The spouses have equal rights and obligations in marriage. They are obliged to conjugal life, to mutual help and faithfulness and cooperation for the good of the family, which they created by their union (Art. 23).
    • When marriage is contracted, the joint ownership is created between the spouses regarding their property (statutory joint property, Art. 31).
    • When entering the marriage contract, both groom and bride may state their wish to take their spouses last name or to add that name to their own. The last name created in that way may have no more then two components. In lack of such statements, by default, both bride and groom keep their current names (Art. 25).
    • Marriage cannot be contracted until 30 days after the date that the persons intending marriage have filed all documents and have given written assurances (Zapewnienie) that they do not know of any reasons why the marriage should not be contracted (Art. 3 & 4).

    Documents should be filed with the vital statistics office.




    • In addition to "Zapewnienie", Aliens (foreign nationals) must file a certificate proving that they have full capacity to enter a marriage contract according to the laws of their country. If an alien is not able to obtain such a certificate, a Polish court may exempt an alien from this requirement. (Art. 46 of Regulations Governing Vital Statistics Acts). Due to the nature of Vital Statistic registration in United States , US Citizens should use the court proceedings described above.
    • Decree of annulment or dissolution of marriage by divorce issued by a foreign court and being the basis for contracting the marriage or registration in the vital statistics office in the Republic of Poland must be recognized by the appropriate Polish District Court (art. 1145 of Code of the Civil Procedure).



    1. Birth Certificate,
    2. Zapewnienie - (written assurance) presented and signed before the appropriate Vital Statistic Official or Polish Consul abroad by the person intending to enter the marriage contract,
    3. Certificate issued by the competent local authorities, confirming that the person, who intends to enter a marriage contract is a bachelor/maid or divorcee (or widow/widower) and there are no known circumstances preventing the marriage from conclusion (certificate of no impediment, or court decree dissolving the previous marriage or death certificate of a spouse).

    Signature on written assurance should be authenticated by the Polish consul and then presented to the proper vital statistics office in Poland . Consular fee for authentication, payable by money order, certified of cashier's check, is $ 54.

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