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  • Pursuant to the Polish Family and Guardianship Code if it is not presumed that mother’s spouse is the child’s father or if mother’s spouse  had the paternity denied by the court, the paternity can be established either through a procedure of recognizing paternity or by virtue of a decision of the Polish Family Court. The biological father  cannot recognize the paternity if court proceedings for establishment of paternity are pending. Paternity towards the person older than 18 cannot be recognized. However, paternity towards the nasciturus can be recognized.

    If at least one of the parents is a Polish national, biological father should issue an appropriate statement before the Consul and in this way paternity can be recognized.

    The child’s mother should grant consent to recognize paternity immediately after the father’s recognition. If the mother is not present while the biological father is making statement before the Consul, she should grant consent to recognize paternity within the next 3 months before the Consul or the Head  of the Bureau of Vital  Records. While making a statement of  recognition of paternity, both parents decide about the child’s last name. If the child is older than 13, he or she must also give their written consent to the name change.


    The Consul will issue a certificate informing that a statement recognizing paternity has been made. The Consul sends the statement recognizing paternity to the Bureau of Vital  Records, which enters it into a register.


    Required documents:


    1. The mother who has already been in matrimony should submit:
    a. A marriage certificate with annotation about the divorce OR legally binding decision of a Court dissolving marriage (for women who are divorced),
    b. A marriage certificate with annotation about annulment OR transcript of final and legally binding decision of a Court in this regard,
    c. Shortened transcript of death certificate of the spouse (for widows),
    d. Shortened transcript of marriage certificate with annotation about separation or legally binding decision of a Court on separation (for women who stay in separation);


    2. Final and legally binding decision about the denial of paternity in case when father’s name was included in the child’s birth certificate indicating him as the spouse of the mother but he is not the biological father of the child;
    3. In case of recognizing nasciturus, the mother should provide a dating scan;
    4.Full transcript of the child’s certificate of birth;
    5.Available for viewing : parents/father’s proof of identity.


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