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  • The terms and conditions of arrival and stay in the territory of the Republic of Poland for EU citizens are governed by the Act of July 14, 2006 on the entry into, residence in and exit from the Republic of Poland of nationals of European Union member states and members of their their family (Journal of Laws No. 144, item 1043).


    This law replaced the previous relevant law published on July 27 2002 on arrival and stay in as well as exit from the territory of the Republic of Poland by EU citizens and members of their family.


    Apart from EU citizens and members of their family, the current regulation – the Act of July 14 2006- also applies to: 1) nationals of non-EU European Economic Area states; 2) nationals of states which are not parties to the Agreement on the European Economic Area and who may exercise their right to move and reside freely within the territory on the basis of the agreements concluded by these States with the European Community and its member states. These regulations also apply to members of their family who join them or reside with them.


    You will find detailed information concerning the rules for border crossing, the right to stay for more than 3 months, the right to permanent residence, the obligation to register residence, the issuance of certificates concerning registration of stay of a EU citizen and residence cards, working and other issues concerning EU citizens and their family members during their stay in the territory of the Republic of Poland on the website of the Office for Repatriation and Aliens as well as on the following voivodship websites:


    Dolnośląski (Lower Silesia) Voivod – Wrocław

    Kujawsko-Pomorski (Kuyavia and Pomerania) Voivod – Bydgoszcz

    Lublin Voivod - Lublin

    Lubuski Voivod - Gorzów Wielkopolski

    Łódź Voivod - Łódź

    Małopolski (Lesser Poland) Voivod - Kraków

    Mazowiecki (Mazovia) Voivod - Warszawa

    Opolski Voivod - Opole

    Podkarpacki (Sub-Carpathia) Voivod - Rzeszów

    Podlaski Voivod - Białystok

    Pomorski (Pomerania) Voivod - Gdańsk

    Śląski (Silesian) Voivod - Katowice

    Świętokrzyski Voivod - Kielce

    Warmińsko-Mazurski Voivod - Olsztyn

    Wielkopolski (Greater Poland) Voivod - Poznań

    Zachodniopomorski (Western Pomeranian) Voivod - Szczecin


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