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  • 8 April 2015

    The security situation in Europe was top of the agenda of Polish-Norwegian quadrilateral consultations. MFA Undersecretary of State Leszek Soczewica and Undersecretary of State Robert Kupiecki of the Ministry of National Defence co-hosted the talks, held in Helenow near Warsaw on 8 April. The Norwegian delegation was headed by Secretaries of State Bård Glad Pedersen (MFA) and Øystein Bø (MoD).

    The deputy ministers discussed the status of implementing decisions reached at the most recent NATO summit in Wales and preparations for the next summit scheduled for 2016 in Warsaw. Another important item on the agenda was an assessment of the conflict in Ukraine and its influence on European security. The ministers also spoke about the support of the international community to the authorities in Kyiv. Addressing the issue of the so-called Islamic State, Deputy Minister Soczewica remarked that “the international community must provide an adequate and coordinated response.” Moreover, the meeting discussed the security situation in the Arctic region.   


    While in Helenow, the delegations also spoke about possibilities for broadening bilateral and multilateral cooperation on security policy, with a special focus on partnership within NATO. Finally, the meeting raised regional cooperation in the NORDEFCO, Northern Group and Visegrad Group (V4) formats.


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