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  • 2 March 2017

    The phone call between the chief of Polish diplomacy and the US secretary of state focused on prospects for transatlantic relations and bilateral collaboration in the face of current international developments, major security challenges for both countries, and a new American administration taking office.

    Secretary Tillerson reaffirmed the durability of transatlantic ties, allied obligations, and US commitment to the security of Europe and our region. Minister Waszczykowski thanked his interlocutor for the active part played by the United States in enhancing NATO's military capabilities. He also expressed his gratitude for the growing US military presence in our territory and the region amid the implementation of the decisions to reinforce the Alliance's eastern flank, taken among others at the NATO Summit in Warsaw, and the United States' own initiatives, such as the European Reassurance Initiative (ERI). Minister Waszczykowski and Secretary Tillerson agreed that all these actions, such as Polish-US bilateral projects in security and defence that include air force cooperation (AVDET) and the US missile defence facility at Redzikowo, represent a very valuable investment in security and peaceful development.



    Moreover, the Polish and US top diplomats discussed the Russia-Ukraine conflict. They expressed their hope that joint European and US efforts will gradually lead to a settlement. Both sides also emphasized that Polish-US relations will be as vigorous as in recent years, while in addition to the key security component cooperation will increasingly expand into trade, investment, and energy.


    Minister Waszczykowski and Secretary Tillerson agreed to hold more talks at a meeting of the Global Coalition against Daesh, scheduled to take place in Washington on 21 March. Minister Waszczykowski invited the US foreign policy chief to visit Poland.


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