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  • 9 November 2016

    “The temperature of relations between Poland and the United States will not change as a result of the elections in the United States of America,” the Polish Foreign Minister assured on a morning television programme led by Bogdan Rymanowski.

    Asked to comment on the opinion polls, which currently give Donald Trump the strongest likelihood of assuming the presidency, Minister Waszczykowski said that the Polish government would retain positive relations with every U.S. president.






    “Let me repeat what we said in June, when we received the results of the British referendum. We will respect every decision made by American society,” the head of the MFA said.


    “Everything indicates that this was an election of the hard electorate. The electorate of Donald Trump turned out to be greater. It was hidden, many people did not admit (that they were supporting him). We saw a mechanism of negative political correctness take place here. In his rhetoric, Trump did a lot to infringe on political correctness and many people, who most likely did not like this approach, looked for easy answers in this global world filled with many decisions. They decided that he is a leader for this new era,” Minister Waszczykowski said.


    In his opinion, as president Donald Trump will not use a lot of his election campaign rhetoric.


    “Many analysts claim that during the election campaign Trump was playing a game, he used anti-Washington establishment rhetoric to his advantage. If this is true, then as president-elect and later as the sworn-in president he will consult with experts who will show what global rivalry actually looks like. I hope that as president Trump will return to implementing America’s national interest,” the head of Polish diplomacy said.


    Referring to the issue of NATO within the context of a eventual Trump victory, Minister Waszczykowski reminded that “Trump as a candidate questioned U.S. spending on NATO”. He also said that Article 5 serves American security interests and expressed the hope that the “next U.S. president will work to implement U.S. security interests that are shared with the interests of NATO and Poland”.


    Minister Waszczykowski added that previous American presidents as well as Hillary Clinton have also spoken about the high costs covered by the U.S. in maintaining NATO’s European pillar.


    “In this regard we don’t have to worry, because our military policy, our defence policy has been acknowledged by both candidates, including Donald Trump. He met with the Polish community several times and pointed out how much Poland spends (on defence), how Poland defends NATO’s flanks and I am confident that his criticism of NATO will not affect Poland,” the head of the MFA said.


    Minister Waszczykowski said that “many countries are unsure about how to deal with Russia, but that is what (Polish) diplomacy and experts are for, to show what Russian policy really looks like and to convince our allies”.


    “We managed to convince them and they made the correct decision at the NATO Summit in Warsaw last July – a decision to strengthen our security by deploying Alliance and U.S. troops here,” Poland’s chief diplomat said.


    “We can tell the Americans very clearly: Poland is a secure country. We can at this point in time move away from dealing exclusively with security and military issues that connect us and move towards serious economic co-operation,” the head of the MFA pointed out during the interview. Within this context, the minister remind that this would be made significantly easier if the United States would lift the visa requirement for Poles visiting the country.


    “We will keep Trump to his word with regards to promises relating to the lifting of visas for Poles. This is especially important for employees, because we want to enter the American market,” Minister Waszczykowski said.


    The Foreign Minister stressed however, that “the first issue on the agenda during talks with the new U.S. president will be the implementation of the decisions made by the Alliance during the July NATO Summit”.


    “We will want to receive a confirmation that they will be realized,” the minister said.


    “There has already been a ‘re-set’ with Russia and I hope that taught Americans that it was used unilaterally by the Russians. I hope that the next administration will not make the same mistake a second time,” the head of the MFA said.


    He also stressed that “this does not mean that we do not want to talk with Russia”.


    “We are applying deterrence measures, but we are keeping channels of dialogue open,” Minister Waszczykowski said.


    Source: TVN24


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