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  • 8 July 2017

    “We have some great strengths: our transatlantic alliance, and our Euro-American community of values and interests” Minister Witold Waszczykowski told the 2017 Global Forum.

    “Today we should stick to what has been tested and proved to be durable and effective in our tumultuous past,” said the chief of Polish diplomacy.


    On Friday, Poland’s top diplomat took part in the panel “Transatlanticism in an Era of Global Volatility”. In his opening remarks, the minister stressed that the era we live in is undoubtedly one of global instability. Poland is especially concerned about repeated attempts at undermining the global order, and about the fact that some countries openly challenge this order, and ignore established international standards, such as the primacy of law and respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of states. He also asserted that no country can successfully confront this challenge acting alone. It is therefore essential that we cultivate our transatlantic partnership.

    Furthermore, the minister set out four Polish priorities in the transatlantic partnership: to strengthen security on the eastern flank, to maintain transatlantic unity, to ensure the European Union’s stability, and to attain energy security. “Our primary objective is that the Transatlantic Alliance should give effective security guarantees on NATO’s eastern flank, the same as for all allies, in line with the 360-degree principle,” he explained. He went on to highlight the importance of maintaining unity within the transatlantic partnership “in both good and bad times.” “Given the mounting international challenges and turbulence, a transatlantic rift could have disastrous consequences,” he said. As he pointed out, since a strong transatlantic community depends on a stable European Union, the EU’s future and success of European integration are among our policy priorities. “I am confident that our endeavours and initiatives within the EU could go a long way towards strengthening the transatlantic community,” emphasized the Polish foreign policy chief.

    Referring to the fourth priority, Minister Waszczykowski said that Poland aspires to enhance the transatlantic partnership’s role in attaining greater energy security in Europe, especially in Central and Eastern Europe, a topic which was raised in yesterday’s talks with President Donald Trump at the Three Seas Summit.


    The Global Forum is a discussion platform devoted to democracy and security, bringing together politicians and diplomats. This year’s edition was also attended by Deputy Foreign Ministers Konrad Szymański and Marek Magierowski, who participated in the panels “The Visegrad Group in the European Union: V4 Ideas for a Better Europe” and  “Transatlanticism in an Era of Global Volatility”.


    The first edition of the forum was held in Wroclaw in 2010.



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