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  • 11 January 2019

    The text of the following statement was released by the Governments of the Republic of Poland and the United States of America to announce the Ministerial to Promote a Future of Peace and Security in the Middle East.

    We are pleased to announce that the United States and the Republic of Poland will jointly host the “Ministerial to Promote a Future of Peace and Security in the Middle East” in Warsaw on February 13-14. Countries from across the globe have been invited to participate.   


    We have a strong and shared interest in creating a more peaceful and stable Middle East. The ministerial will be a forum for countries concerned about instability in the region to share their assessments and offer ideas on a better way forward. The ministerial will address a range of critical issues including terrorism and extremism, missile development and proliferation, maritime trade and security, and threats posed by proxy groups across the region.


    The international community shares many of the same concerns regarding insecurity in the Middle East. This ministerial is an opportunity to identify these concerns, build consensus around a stronger security architecture, and spur action to more effectively promote stability. 


    The joint Ministerial also underscores the close strategic partnership between Poland and the United States, which advances our common interests in promoting international peace and security.


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