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  • 3 October 2017

    A jury chaired by Secretary of State in Poland’s MFA Jan Dziedziczak and composed of representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Education and Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, chose laureates of the international edition of the art contest for children “Republic of Human Rights. Twenty-Five Years of the European Convention on Human Rights in Poland”.

    The aim of the contest organised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland was to promote the rights and freedoms protected under the European Convention on Human Rights and to encourage children to learn more about human rights in today’s world. Children were asked to illustrate how provisions of the European Convention on Human Rights are adhered to. The entries came from countries such as Ukraine, Belarus, Japan, Germany or Bulgaria.


    The jury decided to award prizes to the following works:


    In the 6-10 age category:

    1st place - Dmytro Bondarchuk, 6, Ukraine

    2nd place – Kaito Ishizawa, 6, Japan

    3rd place – Azusa Yamanaka, 6, Japan


    In the 11-15 age category:

    1st place – Liubomyra Melnykova, 13, Ukraine

    2nd place – Alesia Zagorska, 15, Belarus

    3rd place – Kyra Marie Schady, 11, Germany

    3rd place – Yuri Ishizaka, 13, Japan


    Winners of the first place in both age categories will be invited for a study visit to Poland together with their guardian. Winners of the second and third place in both age categories will receive diplomas.

    Commendations will be awarded to: Jegor Kuźmicz (Belarus), Anna Pjanych (Belarus), Anastasiia Voznesenska (Ukraine), Pavel Pavlov (Bulgaria), Małgorzata Kogutnicka (Ukraine), Maksim Murzin (Belarus), Jessica Grace (Japan)


    Congratulations to all the children!

    Ukraina I miejsce 6 lat
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