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  • According to the majority of Poles, our membership in NATO has direct impact on the improvement of our country’s security (70%). Similarly, two-thirds of Poles have a positive opinion about NATO’s activities aimed at peace keeping and armed conflict prevention over the last couple of years.


    Benefits of NATO membership:

    Improved security and importance of Poland
    Poland’s membership in the world’s strongest military alliance gave our country not only security guarantees provided for under Art. 5 of the Washington Treaty, but also increased the position of Poland on the international stage. The necessity of adapting to NATO standards and the participation of Polish troops in missions, exercises and trainings with soldiers from other NATO member countries allowed our Armed Forces to achieve a high level of interoperability (i.e. ability to operate jointly) with other allied armies. Our contribution and involvement in NATO operations and activities made Poland a reliable partner for both our allies and third countries.

    Transformation of the Polish Armed Forces
    Poland’s accession to NATO brought about a necessity to adapt the Polish Armed Forces to NATO standards. This accelerated the process of their transformation (introducing civilian control of the military, initiating the reform of organizational structure, launching the process of technical modernization and professionalization).

    Investments in infrastructure
    Poland’s membership in NATO involves an obligation to pay a contribution to NATO’s budgets: military budget (which finances the costs of NATO’s command structures and their participation in the Alliance missions and operations), civilian budget (which covers the running costs for NATO Headquarters) as well as to the NATO Security Investment Programme (NSIP) budget (which provides funding for infrastructure investments).

    Poland is a beneficiary of NSIP. In 1999–2013 Poland’s contribution to its budget amounted to around PLN 900 million, whereas NSIP funds invested in our country for 15 years of our membership reached the level of PLN 1.4 billion. This translates into a difference in the amount of PLN 0.5 billion. NSIP budget funds in Poland were allocated to finance, among others, the modernization of airfields, fuel depots and naval bases, the construction of commanding position for an air defence system, the development of a long range radar surveillance system, the development of a communications system for the Polish Navy.

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