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    The applicant must appear personally at the Consulate (not applicable to ADS groups).

    The Consulate reserves the right to require additional documentation at any time.

    All the documents in Chinese must be translated into English language.

    All the documents must be provided in original along with one photocopy.

    The visa processing time is maximum 15 calendar days.

    The Visa fee is 60 EUR - paid in CYN according to current exchange rate.  




    • application form

    Filled out and signed by the applicant
    All entries should be properly filled out - no blanks


    • 1 passport size photographs

    Please verify the requirements


    • original passport

    1. Must be valid at least 3 months calculating from the date of intended departure from the Schengen area.
    2. Must contain at least two blank visa pages, excluding the endorsements pages.


    • copy of the passport
    • copy of ID card
    • hukou and its copy
    • travel health insurance and its copy

    See the requirements here.


    • documents proving the purpose of journey

    e.g. detailed plan of the trip.


    • invitation letter from the host person or the invitation issued by the Voivodship (ZAPROSZENIE)

    1. Invitation letter from the host person must indicate the dates of the trip and relations between the host and applicant.

    2. Letter must be presented in original at the Embassy.


    • confirmation of sufficient financial means 

    e.g. bank statements presenting the transactions /movement for the last 3 months. 


    • confirmation of employment / private business / studies

    For private business - confirmation of business registration.
    For students - certificate from the school and valid student's ID card.
    For company employees - original letter from employer confirming the position in the company, date of employment, current salary and period of holiday granted.


    • round-trip flight ticket with fixed dates (reservation only)

    Please be advised, that you should not buy your ticket unless you have been already granted the visa.
    The Consulate takes no responsibility for financial losses in case the ticket is bought and the visa has either been refused or was not issued on time. 


    • hotel reservation or other proof of accommodation

    Must be provided for the intended period of stay (also for other Schengen states if planned to visit)


    • documents proving family ties

    The certification must be submitted only if the applicant and the host person are relatives,
    e.g. martial status or birth certificates, etc.


    • marriage / birth certificate

    If family member of Polish/EU/EEA citizens only. 


    • residence permit

    For residents holding non-Chinese passport only.


    • consent from custodian/certificate of custody, letter from school

    If child is applying only and parents / custodian(s) is/are are not present.

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