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  • Consular district of the Polish Consulate in Cairo covers the following states: Egypt, Libya, Sudan, Eritrea. Citizens of these countries should contact our consulate in all consular affairs (except Sudanese citizens in matters of Schengen visas).




    Our address is:


    5, Aziz Osman St., Zamalek, Cairo


    tel: +202 27355416


    fax: +202 27352718



    Pursuant to the Polish – Dutch Schengen visa representation agreement, Sudanese citizens can apply for Schengen visas to Poland at the Dutch Consulate in Khartum.


    Contact details:

    Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Street 47, Khartoum 2

    Tel. +249 183 48 03 15,  +249 9 121 300 41,  Fax  +249 183 47 26




    We are open on:


    Sundays, Mondays and Wednesdays


    09.00-12.00 - visa applications (Schengen) registered on


    12.00-13.00 - legal affairs registered on


    13.00-13.45 - collection of documents and visa decisions


    Tuesdays and Thursdays


    09.00-12.00 - visa applications (Schengen and national) registered on


    12.00-13.00 - passport affairs for Polish citizens registered on



    Important announcement concerning visa application procedure


    We kindly inform that as of 15th of September 2011 visa application forms (both Schengen and national ones) are only accepted if registered on the website


    All visa application forms, filling it in regulations and appointment settings time are to be found on the same website.


    Visa application forms not registered on the above mentioned website will not be considered.


    Persons registered on the website are requested to approach the security officer on the date and time indicated on the printout.



    Safety notice


    1. Please turn off your cell phones before entering the consulate.


    2. It is forbidden to bring to the consulate any dangerous objects, such as:

    - firearms,

    - knives,

    - gas containers,

    - chemical agents.


    3. It is forbidden to bring luggage into the consulate (backpacks, suitcases, etc.).


    The Consular Section of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Cairo kinly informs that:

    - e-mails with questions to which answers can be found on the Embassy's website will not be answered;

    - no technical support concerning visa application filling is given;

    - visa applications sent by post or e-mail will not be accepted;

    - no visa documents can be transfered via Consulate, all documents (e.g. from Poland) must be sent directly to the applicant who is then obliged to deliver them to the Consulate together with their application.



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