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  • On 10 November, The Australian Financial Review, Australia’s biggest economic daily, published an article entitled “Poland the standout winner from fall of Berlin Wall” by Aaron Patrick, taking stock of Poland's economic success.


    The author believes that Poland has benefitted most from the end of the Cold War and the 1989 political transformation. In his opinion, Europe’s manufacturing heart has been shifting from Germany to Poland over the recent years.


    The journalist underscores how skilfully the Polish government runs its economic policy, and lists key success factors, namely cutting taxes; streamlining the bureaucracy; privatising state enterprises; skilled workforce; low cost of living; good road, rail and air links; and a large domestic market.


    What the article particularly emphasizes is the fact that Poland is the only European economy to have grown continuously since the global financial crisis hit in 2008, whereas the average GDP across the EU is now smaller than in 2008. The author underscores that Polish GDP has increased by 25% over this period, and that Polish exports, amounting to USD 53 billion in 2003, quadrupled by 2013.


    Aaron Patrick welcomes the growing significance of Poland on the international stage and within the EU. As telling examples of this he mentions the recent election of Donald Tusk as president of the European Council, and the successful negotiations which allowed Poland to win concessions on the European climate agreement.



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