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  • “The NATO Summit in Warsaw next year needs to be a breakthrough event for the Alliance,” Polish Foreign Minister Grzegorz Schetyna told Polish Radio. The head of Poland’s Foreign Service is taking part in a two-day meeting of NATO foreign ministers in the Turkish city of Antalya.


    Preparations for the upcoming summit are one of the topics being discussed at the meeting today. It is expected that decisions regarding the strengthening of NATO’s common defence capabilities will be taken during the course of the summit.


    Poland’s chief diplomat told Polish Radio that it was important for the Alliance to demonstrate solidarity and a common position with regard to the dangers faced in the East and South of Europe. “We expect the Warsaw Summit to be a breakthrough event, one which will reposition NATO. I can tell that expectations are very high – from the agenda of the summit to the realisation that all NATO member countries must work very closely with each other,” Schetyna said.


    The Foreign Minister added that NATO member countries need to pay equal attention to threats in the East and South. Schetyna noted that today discussions focused on this issue. “We must make sure that one region doesn’t take priority over the other, we must make sure that the motto “one for all, all for one” and the sense of common purpose connecting our 28 countries continues to be visible here as well,” Schetyna added. The NATO Summit in Warsaw is due to take place in mid-next year.


    Source: IAR

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