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  • “We’ve been mounting a large offensive in America. Our exporters can count on support from diplomatic posts in the US. Poland stands a big chance,” Ryszard Schnepf, Polish Ambassador to the US, said in an interview for the portal when speaking about the Embassy’s effort to promote Polish fruits and vegetables on the American market.


    Ambassador Schnepf announced that Polish agricultural produce has undergone expert evaluation, formal conditions for allowing market entry have been defined, and the Polish Ministry of Agriculture has submitted applications to open the market to Polish fresh fruits and vegetables, accompanied by a list of diseases encountered in the Polish fruit farming industry. Poland is also equipped with an additional instrument which could facilitate finding outlets for Polish produce, namely the agreement between the European Union and the United States on mutual recognition of ecological certificates.  


    Besides legal and formal issues, the Polish Embassy has also undertaken marketing activities to encourage Americans to give Polish produce a try. “What proved extremely successful was inviting public persons, e.g. Honorary Consul Blanka Rosenstiel and Marcin Gortat, a basketball player, to the #FreedomApples campaign on Facebook and Twitter. “It has drawn a huge response,” said the Polish diplomat. “Americans are posting comments of support on our portal and asking where they can buy the apples of freedom,” he added.




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