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  • “The Visegrad Group presents a consistent vision of how to solve the migrant crisis,” Poland’s top diplomat tells Mladá Fronta DNES, the biggest Czech daily.


    As Minister Witold Waszczykowski points out, Poland has been saying that the relocation system should be voluntary ever since the refugee debate began. “Rather than focusing on redistribution mechanisms, we should try to lessen the EU’s migration burden in a comprehensive way,” says Minister Waszczykowski, who goes on to state that this position is shared by all the Visegrad Group states. “We must remember that member states differ in terms of their potential to grant asylum,” adds the chief of Polish diplomacy.


    According to the foreign minister, efforts should focus on helping people who live in the refugee camps across Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria. The minister tells the paper that in a few weeks’ time, Poland is set to launch an MFA-funded assistance programme for Syrian refugees in Lebanon. It will provide housing and food for as many as ten thousand people.


    Asked about expectations ahead of the upcoming NATO summit in Warsaw, Minister Waszczykowski declares that Poland’s priority is to make all Allies more secure. “As the Alliance’s border country, however, Poland must pay attention to Russia’s policy and military activities, which have brought about a very dangerous situation in Central and Eastern Europe. For this reason, we want NATO to be more present on the eastern flank,” says the minister. He recalls the successful start of construction work on the interceptor-missile base at Redzikowo, which will be part of the US missile defence system.


    In the Polish foreign minister’s view, the US military presence, which will soon be followed by NATO troop presence, “thwarts Russian ambitions to turn Central and Eastern Europe into an indeterminate security area where political games can be played out.”


    Asked about relations with Germany, Minister Witold Waszczykowski underscores that our western neighbour is Poland’s key ally and economic partner. Relations with the Czechs are in his words a strategic partnership.



    Source: Mladá Fronta DNES

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