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  • 25 May 2017

    “Apart from security, the priority areas of Poland-US cooperation include economic relations and energy,” Minister Witold Waszczykowski said at a meeting with a mission of the US-Poland Business Council (USPBC) led by Eric Stewart. The talks were attended by representatives of 16 American companies.


    The meeting discussed Poland-US economic cooperation, including the prospects for continued investment of American companies in Poland. “The American investment in Poland is both economic and strategic in nature,” underscored the minister.

    Minister Waszczykowski thanked the companies forming the USPBC for their engagement in Poland, and emphasized that American investments have played a major role in the development of Poland’s economy over the past 27 years. He expressed his hope that trade with the US will continue to flourish, and pointed to the growing interest of Polish companies in the US market. He also highlighted the strategic importance of the first American LNG exports to Poland, scheduled for the coming June. 

    Bringing together 23 companies, the US-Poland Business Council was established in July 2010. Its mission is to promote economic collaboration between the United States and Poland.

    MFA Press Office

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