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  • 27 October 2016

    MFA’s Undersecretary of State Joanna Wronecka met with Foreign Minister of the Republic of Senegal Mankeur Ndiaye on Tuesday. They discussed bilateral relations, the security situation in their respective regions and the visit by President of Senegal Macky Sall to Poland, which starts today.

    Joanna Wronecka expressed satisfaction with the excellent state of bilateral relations and said that she hoped they would continue to develop as dynamically as before, in particular in the area of the economy. “Senegal, a domestically stable country with a mature democracy and a fast-growing economy, is becoming one of our most important political and economic partners in Africa,” said Poland’s deputy foreign minister after her meeting with Minister Ndiaye.



    The ministers discussed their regional agenda, specifically the current peace and security situation in the region of Central and Eastern Europe. Deputy Minister Wronecka explained Poland’s positon in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict and how it has affected the security situation in our part of Europe. Minister Ndiaye in turn talked about major threats to the security of the African continent.


    They also shared observations about the work of the UN Security Council, as Senegal is now its non-permanent member, and Poland is bidding for a non-permanent seat in 2018-2019. Minister Ndiaye declared that his country is willing to share its knowledge and experience in this regard, stressing the fact that African issues dominate the UN Security Council’s agenda.


    The meeting also served as an opportunity to discuss preparations for the two-day visit paid by President of Senegal Macky Sall. The president comes to Poland accompanied by many ministers, senior officials and businessmen. “I am very happy that the President of the Republic of Senegal is paying his first, historic visit to Poland. It reaffirms the dynamic development of our bilateral relations and creates opportunities for cooperation in multilateral fora,” noted the deputy foreign minister.


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