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  • 19 November 2018

    Over the past weekend, the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs opened its doors and welcomed over 400 visitors to mark Foreign Service Day.

    Foreign Service Day was established in 2009 to commemorate the first official diplomatic cable of reborn Poland, which was dispatched by Józef Piłsudski on 16 November 1918 to notify the world leaders of the restoration of the independent Polish State. This year’s Foreign Service Day is part of national celebrations to mark the centenary of Poland’s regained independence. Over the course of three days, several events were held, many of which were open for the public.



    The celebrations were inaugurated on Friday 16 November with an expert debate titled Diplomacy in the Service of the Republic of Poland 1918-1939, which was opened by Foreign Minister Jacek Czaputowicz. The debate focused on the efforts of Polish diplomacy in securing independence and the final shape of Poland’s borders. Also discussed were the conditions behind the establishment of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the diplomatic and consular service, and its work to achieve Poland’s strong international presence.

    “Looking back we have to appreciate the efforts of our predecessors, the founders of Polish state and try to continue their work in the new century of Polish independence, which begins in an entirely different context,” said MFA chief during Foreign Service Day celebrations.



    Also on Friday, Minister Jacek Czaputowicz handed Polish Consul General in Lviv Rafał Wolski the Andrzej Kremer Consul of the Year award.



    As is the custom, the MFA Open Days were held to mark the Foreign Service Day. On 17-18 November, the MFA opened its premises for visitors. Guests could see the Minister’s office, the press center and the Jerzy Giedroyc reception hall, which hosts the Ministry’s most important events and ceremonies, such as signing ceremonies of international agreements, negotiations, and visits. An occasional exhibition provided insight into major themes, topics and figures connected with the rebirth of the Polish foreign service in 1917-1921‎.




    “During two days, groups of visitors from Warsaw and other Polish cities may visit the MFA premises and exhibition to learn about its history and its work today, and look at the most important places: where the minister and his deputies work, where we receive guests from other states and the media,” said Poland’s top diplomat during the Open Days. 



    On the occasion of this year’s Foreign Service Day, the knowledge competition on the history of Polish diplomacy and the diplomatic protocol was held for the first time. The winners toured the MFA headquarters and met Minister Jacek Czaputowicz.



    Also to mark the centenary of Poland’s foreign service, Polish Post issued an occasional stamp featuring the MFA headquarters in reborn Poland – the Brühl Palace in Warsaw.



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