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  • 13 June 2016

    “We hope that the United Kingdom stays in the EU as that’s in the good interest of both the EU and the British people,” Witold Waszczykowski and Jean-Marc Ayrault, the foreign ministers of Poland and France, said at a joint press conference on Monday.

    Issues addressed by Messrs Witold Waszczykowski and Jean-Marc Ayrault at the conference in Warsaw included the UK’s in-out referendum on its membership of the European Union.


    “We’re hoping for a positive outcome of this referendum and that’s because we need the United Kingdom, we need its big economy, its influence in both Europe and the transatlantic area,” said the chief of Polish diplomacy commenting on the UK’s referendum.


    Minister Waszczykowski also stressed the UK’s importance to European security and argued that a possible Brexit would mean “great chaos in the EU” and damage “for both the UK’s society and Europe.” We would suffer as a result,” he commented. 



    “We share the same opinion. It’s in the interest of Europe and Great Britain for the latter to remain an EU member,” concurred Mr Ayrault. “We have trust in the British nation, its pragmatism, common sense and responsibility,” he added referring to the expected outcome of next week’s referendum.


    The chief of French diplomacy noted that, if the UK remained in the European Union, the deal signed between the EU and the UK in February would have to be implemented “fair and square.”


    The referendum on the United Kingdom’s future membership of the EU has been scheduled for Thursday, 23 June. Three British polls published last week show a lead for Brexit.


    Ministers Waszczykowski and Ayrault also discussed on Monday Polish-French bilateral cooperation and cooperation as part of the Weimar Triangle, security and the fight against terrorism, decisions at the NATO summit in Warsaw in July, the migration crisis, and the EU’s future.


    Source: PAP

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