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  • 15 September 2016

    In an interview for the Hungarian weekly HVG the chief of Polish diplomacy talked about cooperation in the Weimar Triangle and Visegrad Group (V4) formats, the priorities of Poland’s V4 presidency, and the situation in Europe in the wake of the UK referendum.

    As Minister Waszczykowski pointed out, being at once a member of the Weimar Triangle and the Visegrad Group, Poland plays the role of a bridge between the two institutions. “The three countries in the Weimar Triangle can supplement each other. Germany is the economic superstate, therefore it has a mostly economic sensitivity. France is a political and military superpower, a nuclear state and a member of the UN Security Council, very experienced in the world politics, especially in the Arab world, the Middle East and Africa. And on the other side of Germany, there is Poland, which is the biggest country in the eastern flank of the EU and NATO. We bring to the Triangle a special eastern sensitivity of the different problems and answers,” said the minister. “The V4 countries can effectively represent sensitivities of EU member states from Central-Eastern Europe. We all share the same history and experience. All our countries were subject to tragic situations during the second world war, then we were all part of the Soviet empire. And we have a common experience of the transformation into a modern market-based economy with free democratic institutions,” he added.




    Poland’s top diplomat also outlined the priorities of Poland’s V4 presidency, which began last July. “Under the Polish V4 Presidency, the main areas of cooperation will include coordination of the EU agenda and cooperation on key challenges. We will be also willing to develop regional cooperation with European partners outside V4. In light of the NATO Summit in Warsaw it will be also important to strengthen cooperation in the field of common security,” said the minister, adding that during the Polish presidency of the V4 “one of the important areas of our engagement is the common activities in the Eastern Neighbourhood, especially in Ukraine. The V4 and the Ukraine format is very active, especially in assisting Kyiv in fulfilling obligations related to reforms. This help is provided especially in the fight with corruption, decentralization (Polish speciality), education, energy efficiency and the development of the SME sector (Hungarian speciality).”


    Asked about the meeting between the V4 heads of government and German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Warsaw, Minister Waszczykowski explained that the talks covered European issues, above all “how to prepare ourselves for the Brexit.” “We talked about what kind of a conclusion we can draw from the fact that the EU is losing the second economy in Europe and the fifth in the world, while many are still dreaming about an enlargement with Ukraine or perhaps Turkey. We also discussed security issues. First, how to defend ourselves from the wave of migrants and refugees,” said the minister.


    Source: HVG

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