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  • 7 July 2017

    “Poland supports Macedonia’s efforts to join the EU and NATO,” Minister Witold Waszczykowski said at today’s meeting with Nikola Dimitrov, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Macedonia.

    “We are glad that the new government is committed to enhancing stability at home, and improving relations with neighbours,” said the Polish foreign policy chief. The two ministers discussed prospects for Macedonia’s relationship with Euro-Atlantic structures, developments in the Western Balkans region, and Polish government’s activities in the context of the EU enlargement policy. 

    Minister Witold Waszczykowski also congratulated his interlocutor on becoming Macedonia’s foreign minister.


    Formed in May after a six-month political crisis, Macedonia’s new government places a special emphasis on economic development and improving the living standards of its citizens. It also seeks to heal divisions within the multi-ethnic society, promoting unity with a view to achieving the strategic objective of Euro-Atlantic integration. Poland supports these endeavours by sharing its pre-accession experience: last May saw an Enlargement Academy meeting, and the seventh edition of the Skopje Conference is scheduled to take place this autumn. 

    The ministers met on the occasion of the Three Seas Summit and its accompanying event, i.e. the eight edition of the Global Forum, which is organized by the Atlantic Council and the Polish Institute of International Affairs. The Global Forum brings together European and American politicians, economists, analysts, business leaders, and journalists. 

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    Fot. M.Jasiulewicz/ MFA
    Fot. M.Jasiulewicz/ MFA
    Fot. M.Jasiulewicz/ MFA

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