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  • 28 August 2017

    Today Poland has communicated its response to the European Commission following Commission Recommendation of 26 July 2017 regarding the rule of law in Poland complementary to Recommendation of 27 July 2016 and Recommendation of 21 December 2016. In its response, the Polish side has provided exhaustive clarification concerning doubts raised by the European Commission, hoping to continue the dialogue on the merits of the case without any political elements.



    The Polish side wishes to recall that in the spirit of sincere cooperation between a Member State and the Commission, it has been passing on reliable information about the situation in Poland.


    In response to the Recommendation, the Polish side has underlined that the ongoing legislative measures, whose overriding aim is to reform the judicial system, are in line with European standards and respond to many years of growing social expectations in this regard, and so they groundlessly raise the Commission’s doubts.


    Moreover, an analysis of the last Recommendation has prompted Poland to sustain its reservations concerning the European Union’s rule of law procedure launched by the Commission in its Communication of 11 March 2014. First of all, let us note that subjecting legislative acts to an evaluation while the legislative process is in progress contradicts the said Communication. For in the present situation, two of the laws analysed by the Commission, i.e. the Law Amending the Law on the National Judiciary Council and certain other laws and the Law on the Supreme Court, are not generally applicable on account of the president’s vetoes.


    The Polish side hopes that the exhaustive clarifications provided in the response to the Recommendation will be carefully analysed by the Commission and will help to clear any doubts.


    MFA Press Office

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