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  • 7 April 2017

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has noted with deep concern and disappointment that the Russian side has placed plaques at the Polish war cemetery in Katyn, featuring false information about the Bolshevik prisoners of the 1919-1921 war, who had died in Polish captivity.

    The information on the plaques, notably the figures of deceased POWs, exceed by a few times the actual numbers that have been confirmed by Polish and Russian historians. Moreover, the majority of the prisoners died because of camp conditions that resulted from the dramatic economic situation of Polish lands after a long-time struggle for independence. Those conditions equally affected the Russian soldiers and Polish citizens.


    The actions by the Russian side take place on the eve of planned celebrations to mark the tragic events - the 77th anniversary of the Katyn Crime and the 7th anniversary of the Smolensk Crash. We wish to recall that we have repeatedly heard assurances from senior officials of the willingness for dialogue and cooperation to constructively solve issues that divide our countries. Poland is ready for an open and constructive debate in order to avoid disputes about history between our countries and to solve the existing ones. That is the goal that guides our efforts to resume work of the Polish-Russian Group for Difficult Issues.


                                                                                      MFA Press Office

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