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  • 29 July 2017

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has taken note of the European Commission's decision to launch the procedure for failure to fulfil a member state's obligations against Poland. We reiterate our readiness to provide the European Commission with a substantive reply.

    It should be emphasised that the Law on the Ordinary Courts Organisation adjusts the retirement age of judges to the general retirement age that has been in force in Poland since the Law and Justice government repealed the '67' retirement reform.

    We recognise that the role of court presidents in Poland's judicial system is primarily administrative in nature, while other actions they take have no impact on the legal situation of parties. It is judges handling specific cases who always decide all important procedural matters. Moreover, all procedural guarantees and remedies continue to be in place.

    It should be further stressed that social policy and the organisation of the judiciary fall within the competence of the member states.


    The above issues will be set out in detail in a Polish position on the EC's reservations.

    MFA Press Office

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