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  • 19 July 2017

    For many months now, Poland has been reforming its judiciary system. Relying on democratic mandate and implementing its election programme, the Polish government has been trying to reform its judiciary system after many years of neglect by the previous governments. In its reform measures, the government has striven to follow European standards, utilising European Union members’ experience and solutions, and retaining the principle of a tri-partite separation of power.

    We regret that the government’s reform efforts, supported by the public at home, are being abused by domestic and foreign opposition in the ongoing political fight. We also note with concern the attempts of external interference in the pending legislative process.


    It is in such context that we perceive yet another reaction by European Commission Vice-President Frans Timmermans. This action is unfounded and unjustified as the process to reform the Polish judiciary has only begun. This action is also premature. There is no place for any “personal mission” on the part of the Commission Vice-President.


    For many months now, Poland has been engaged in dialogue with international institutions, patiently explaining its judiciary reform process. It was at General Affairs Council meetings that the government’s representative, Secretary of State Konrad Szymański, refuted accusations from the Commission Vice-President. We do not share the opinion that this is an inadequate level of dialogue. As the legislative process progresses, Poland is willing to provide further information on the reforms of its judiciary.


    Poland is ready to hold dialogue with the European Commission while respecting the principles of sovereignty of an EU member state. And the dialogue is not made any easier by the Commission, which chooses who it wants to speak to in the government and sets dates, in the form of an ultimatum, for hearings of constitutional ministers in Brussels.


    We reaffirm our previous declarations of willingness to brief European Commission representatives on all aspects of the legislative process to reform the judiciary.


    MFA Press Office


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