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  • 14 July 2014

    Minister Radosław Sikorski was decorated with the Commander’s Cross with Star of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Hungary in recognition of his efforts to strengthen Polish-Hungarian relations. The Polish Foreign Minister received the honour from Hungary’s new Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Tibor Navracsics on 14 July during his visit to Warsaw. On the eve of the meeting of the European Council, the chiefs of diplomacy discussed the situation in eastern Ukraine.

    The laudation stressed that the President of Hungary János Áder awarded the distinction to the chief of Poland’s diplomacy in recognition of his efforts to strengthen Hungarian-Polish political relations and for his diplomatic activity: “Since assuming the office of foreign minister in November 2007, Radosław Sikorski has devoted particular attention to Polish-Hungarian relations. (…) Poland’s diplomatic activity, thanks to which the achievements of the Visegrad Group cooperation are well recognised today both in the European and global dimensions, should be considered as outstanding.”


    Upon receiving the distinction, the chief of Poland’s diplomacy stressed that he will treat it as an encouragement to continue working for Polish-Hungarian friendship and the whole region.


    The ministers talked in Warsaw about Polish-Hungarian cooperation, both bilateral and in the Visegrad Group. “By our joint efforts we have succeeded in giving the Visegrad Group a similar recognition to that enjoyed by the group of the Benelux countries or the Nordic Council. Let’s hope it will prove effective in obtaining decisions that are good for us at the upcoming European Council,” said Minister Sikorski. He also thanked the Hungarian Presidency for continuing the priorities that had been agreed upon during the earlier Polish Presidency.


    The situation in Eastern Ukraine was high on the agenda of Monday’s talks. The ministers stated that a democratic and independent Ukraine is in their common interest. “I hope that the meeting of the European Council Wednesday will take decisions regarding the developments in Ukraine. The conflict could spill out and is very dangerous not only for Ukraine,” noted Minister Sikorski.


    Marcin Wojciechowski

    MFA Press Spokesman


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