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  • 31 August 2018

    The situation in the Middle East, transatlantic relations, the Western Balkans and effective multilateralism were high on the agenda of the EU foreign ministers’ informal Gymnich meeting, which took place in Vienna.


    The ministers discussed ways to strengthen the EU’s role in the Middle East peace process, and the developments in Syria and Iran. Minister Czaputowicz emphasized that it is important to ensure more coordination of Europe’s and the US policies towards Iran. He also said that we should steer clear of actions that lead to differences between the EU and its closest partner.



    When discussing transatlantic relations, the ministers explored trade and security-related issues. They also talked about the transatlantic partners’ engagement in NATO.


    Discussion concerning the Western Balkans focused on the situation in the region and the candidate countries’ progress on their path to EU membership. As an active player in the region, Poland believes that the EU’s further enlargement is of critical importance both for the EU’s security and for the development of the Western Balkans.



    As usual, the EU top diplomats met with the foreign ministers of the EU candidate countries. Their joint session was dedicated to the concept of effective multilateralism, defined as the defense of global order based on international law. 


    Gymnich meetings of the EU foreign ministers are informal and take place bi-annually. They offer the possibility for a more open discussion and strategic reflection, which helps to arrive at a consensus within the EU at a later stage. The Gymnich meetings are named after a castle near Bonn, which hosted the first talks in this format in 1974.


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