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  • 20 September 2013

    “We are aware that the Republic of the Congo – one of Central Africa’s fastest-developing economies – may become an important economic partner for Poland, given the country’s huge potential in agriculture and natural resources, and its important regional role,” Deputy Minister Beata Stelmach said during her visit to the Republic of the Congo.

    Deputy Minister Stelmach, who is accompanied by a business delegation, will stay in the country on 17-21 September. She has so far met with Minister of State Gilbert Ondongo, Foreign Minister Basile Ikouebe, and the ministers of the economy, transportation and oil. During a special ceremony, the two sides signed an agreement on political consultations, which provides the basis for a permanent dialogue between Poland and Congo.


    The delegation comprised representatives of a number of Polish companies from the food, energy, medical, cosmetics and IT sectors. They had a chance to establish contacts with Congolese partners representing private sector and local governments at a Poland-Congo Economic Forum in Pointe-Noire. On this occasion, the two sides agreed details of the Polish-Congolese economic forum to be held in Warsaw this coming November, and the Poland-Africa economic congress, which will take place in Lodz.


    Deputy Minister Stelmach’s visit is part of Polish Government’s campaign to make Poland’s economic presence in Africa stronger.

    Major Polish exports to the Republic of the Congo include motor vehicles, food production machines, textiles, meat products and machine parts. Congolese exports to Poland are mainly cupper and wood. In 2012, the Poland-Republic of the Congo trade was worth approx. 12 million euros, of which 10 million euros were Polish exports. The volume of Polish export was up by 65 per cent on last year.


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