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  • 19 August 2015

    Working with the Polish diaspora on a partnership basis, and tapping into the potential of Polish-born professionals – these are just some of the provisions of the Government Programme of Cooperation with the Polish Diaspora for 2015-20, which was adopted by the Council of Ministers.

    There are between 18 and 20 million Polish expatriates living all over the world at the moment. The programme aims to address the challenge of collaborating with them – to allow migrants working on Europe’s labour markets to maintain their bond with Poland, to offer young members of Polish communities cooperation on attractive terms, to tap into the potential of Polish-born professionals, and to effectively safeguard the rights of Polish minorities.

    In the programme, the MFA invites Polish diaspora partners to en

    gage in joint and mutually beneficial efforts to project a fair image of Poland abroad, and to work together on deepening Poland’s cooperation with our compatriots’ countries of residence in the regional (through local governments) and sector-specific (through universities, cultural institutions, and businesses) dimensions.


    The programme breaks new ground by laying down the rules of cooperation between the Government, and the Polish diaspora and Poles abroad, and by emphasizing the partnership aspect. Partnership was the guiding principle already at the drafting stage – the process of comprehensive consultations was well received by Polish communities abroad. We wish to emphasize that the document fully recognizes the fact that our fellow country people are, for the most part, citizens of other countries, to which they owe civil loyalty. We also appreciate that many of our compatriots have lost their command of the Polish language, so it is necessary to communicate with them in the language of their country of residence.


    The programme sets out the following strategic goals: to support the teaching of the Polish language and education with Polish as the language of instruction, to promote knowledge about Poland, to reinforce Polish identity, to ensure participation in national culture, to enhance the Polish diaspora’s standing abroad, to support Poles who want to return to their home country, to create incentives for people of Polish descent to settle in Poland, and to foster contacts with Poland at many levels.


    The programme’s framework part covers a six-year period. It is accompanied by a detailed document defining the tasks of specific ministries and central government bodies that play a part in implementing Polish diaspora policy. Currently, it assigns tasks for 2015-16, and will be updated twice to allocate tasks for 2017-18 and 2019-20.


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