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  • 7 January 2015

    Top diplomats of Poland and the United States, Grzegorz Schetyna and John Kerry, began their meeting in Washington on Wednesday by expressing their condolences following the terrorist attack against the offices of the French weekly Charlie Hebdo. They underscored that press freedom is one of the fundamental liberties, and said that containing extremism is a duty and challenge for the entire free world.

    “We are delighted to have their [Polish friends’] support and to work with them in their commitment to Ukraine, to the freedom and sovereignty of that nation,” Secretary John Kerry said while welcoming Minister Schetyna. “Washington can count on Warsaw, and I’m confident that Warsaw can count on Washington also,” replied the chief of Polish diplomacy.


    The talks focused on security situation in Europe and around the world, including the Ukraine crisis and bilateral relations between Poland and the US. The Polish foreign minister paid a visit to Washington on 6-8 January, at a personal invitation of his American counterpart, with whom he also discussed Afghanistan and the threat posed by the so-called Islamic State 


    As Minister Schetyna stressed, last year was a time of intensive and fruitful cooperation between Poland and the US. “We especially value US commitment to European security, including in Central and Eastern Europe,” remarked the chief of Polish diplomacy. He said he was hopeful that American security proposals will contribute to expanding US military presence in our part of Europe, including in Poland.


    “Russia’s aggression against Ukraine reaffirms the need to continuously foster transatlantic security, and highlights the importance of American involvement in Europe,” said the minister. He pointed out that the dialogue with Washington takes on special significance in the context of preparations for the NATO summit in Warsaw in 2016. High on the meeting’s agenda was the situation in Ukraine. “We are aware that scenarios in the East are very difficult to predict. Along with our American partners and based on the existing international fora, we will continue to engage in looking for a political solution to the crisis,” added the Polish foreign minister. 


    While in the US capital city, Minister Schetyna met with Susan Rice, the US President’s National Security Advisor, and Zbigniew Brzezinśki, who filled this position during Jimmy Carter’s term of office. Ukraine and security policy were also the topics of the Polish top diplomat’s talks with the chairs of the US Senate Foreign Relations and Armed Services Committees, and senators of the Democratic and Republican Parties, the latter of which now holds a majority in the US Congress.


    Marcin Wojciechowski

    MFA Press Spokesman

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