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    Pursuant to the National Archival Resources and Archives Act of 14 July 1983, the Archives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are a state archive. The principal task of the MFA Archives is to collect, keep a record of, and preserve documents produced by MFA organizational units. 


    Within the MFA Archives, documents are grouped into archival collections and then made available to scholars and researchers. Archival collections also provide the basis for academic and publishing projects implemented with a view to promoting knowledge about the history of Poland’s diplomacy.


    The MFA Archives has been collecting the Ministry’s archival documents since 1945, with its current holdings estimated at as much as 6000 linear meters of materials. MFA archivists have so far compiled twenty-eight archival collections covering the years 1945-1965. Each collection is based on documents drafted by MFA organizational units (departments, sections, etc.).


    Archival collections also comprise files provided by Polish embassies and consulates (diplomatic and consular reports, memos and analyses concerning political developments in the country of accreditation, diplomatic notes and dispatches).







    Correspondence address:

    Al. J.Ch. Szucha 23

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    tel.: 22 523 93 80

    fax: 22 523 91 09



    Research room:

    ul. Taneczna 67 A

    02-829 Warszawa

    tel.: 22 523-96-14

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    admitting readers from Monday to Thursday, between 9 am and 3 pm




    Information about archival holdings and access to resources:

    tel.: 22 523 96 14

            22 523 95 98




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