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  • The sale of military equipment abroad by its nature affects the shaping of international relations, hence it is an important element of foreign policy. The recipients of Polish arms are usually ministries or government agencies, therefore, cooperation in this area is also regarded as a confirmation of good political relations based on trust and mutual interest of safety.


    The activities of the MFA are focused precisely on the area of official contacts – through high-level meetings, the work of diplomatic missions and support for the Security Policy Department, the Polish defence offer could be better promoted among persons directly responsible for the shape and potential of the armed forces. Promotion of the defence offer also includes production and research cooperation, including the creation of transnational consortia.  Activities in both areas are planned and implemented in accordance with the Polish strategy of international security, including legal and policy obligations. Their main purpose is to enhance the image of Poland as a manufacturer of modern weapons, and a reliable and fair partner.


    The promotional activities of the MFA, including diplomatic missions, are an essential complement to purely marketing activities undertaken by Polish entrepreneurs.


    The MFA's support for Polish producers consists in:


    • co-initiation and political support for projects of interstate cooperation in the sphere of production, purchasing, research projects within the defence industries,


    • initiation of interstate visits to support trade relations,


    • participation in institutional forms of bilateral cooperation (working groups/committees),


    • protection of the interests of the Polish industry in international forums,


    • participation in meetings and conferences as part of exhibitions.


    Since its accession to the EU, Poland has supported the process of opening and consolidation of the European defence industry. We engage in manufacturing and research cooperation as a member of the EDA (European Defence Agency). We recognise the Agency as an important mechanism for the development of the European technology and production base. Entrusting it with the task of coordination is conducive to the growing involvement of Polish R&D units in European projects, which results in access to modern technology. An indirect but important effect is the acceleration of the pace of technical modernisation of the Polish Armed Forces.



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