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    Why Jan Karski?


    The story about Jan Karski is a testimony to the fact that the greatness of a man is measured by his moral stance. Life is fulfilled and has a purpose if it complies with ethical values. Karski’s deeds place him among the greatest heroes in Polish history.


    Zbigniew  Brzeziński



    Jan Karski’s human and humanistic message had a significance that neither the flow of time nor the forces of evil could erase or mitigate. Thanks to him, more than one generation continues to believe in humanity.


    Elie Wiesel



    Those who knew Jan Karski will never forget him and his message will continue to light the path of freedom-loving peoples throughout the years to come. No one could ask for a finer legacy.


    Bill Clinton



    Jan Karski, the legendary emissary of the Polish Underground State, is one of those heroic persons whose lives reflect the fate of Poland. I firmly believe that he deserves a prominent place not only in the Polish, but also in the world pantheon. His “Story of a Secret State” - to be published in mid-March in the US for the first time after WWII is a key to understanding Polish history during World War Two, the Holocaust, and the mechanisms of genocide.


    Radosław Sikorski




    2014 marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of the legendary courier. The Sejm of the Republic of Poland declared 2014 to be the Year of Jan Karski after active lobbying by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Minister Radosław Sikorski himself.


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    Jan Karski in 1943,source: Maciej Sadowski "Jan Karski. Photobiography", VEDA, 2014

    Jan Karski in 1943,source: Maciej Sadowski "Jan Karski. Photobiography", VEDA, 2014



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