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    The Polish Card is a document confirming belonging to the Polish nation. The Card can be granted to people who do not have Polish citizenship or permission to residein Poland and who are citizens of the former Soviet Union states: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Lithuania, Latvia, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan.

    The Card can be granted to a person who declares belonging to "the Polish Nation" and meets the following conditions:

    • proves his/her relationship with Polishness by at least a basic knowledge of the Polish language, which is considered their native language, along with knowledge and cultivating Polish traditions and habits;
    • in the presence of the consul of the Republic of Poland submits a written declaration of belonging to "the Polish Nation";
    • proves that at least one of his/her parents or grandparents or two great grandparents were of Polish nationality or had Polish citizenship, or present an attestation from a Polish diaspora organization acting on the territory of one of the above mentioned states, confirming that he or she has been actively involved in Polish linguistic and cultural activities within Polish community of their region for a period of at least the past three years.


    The applicant is required to present documents or other evidences confirming compliance with the conditions for the granting of the Card. Examples of documents and evidence are:

    • Polish identity documents;
    • vital records or their copies, baptism metric, school certificates or other documents proving relationship with Polishness;
    • documents attesting military service in the Polish military formations;
    • documents proving the deportation or imprisonment (e.g. Soviet repressions of 1939-1946) which include information of Polish origin;
    • documents of rehabilitation of deported person which include information of Polish origin;
    • foreign identity cards with information about the Polish nationality of the holder;
    • attestation of entitled Polish or Polonia organization acting on the territory of one of the states mentioned above, confirming that he/she have been actively involved in activities on behalf of Polish language and culture or Polish national minority.



    A holder of the Polish Card has the right to:

    • exemption from the obligation to have a work permit for foreigners;
    • set up a company on the same basis as citizens of Poland;
    • study, do a doctorate and participate in the other forms of education, as well as participate in research and development work. The holder retains the right to apply for scholarships and other forms of aid for foreigners;
    • preschool, primary and secondary education in Poland;
    • use of health care services in the states of emergency;
    • 37% discount on public transport omnibus, flier and express rail travel;
    • free admission to state museums.

    Since 2014 the holder of Polish Card can also settle in Poland and get the permanent residence card. Since 2 of September 2016 holder of Polish Card who settle in Poland after one year can acquire Polish citizenship. Since 1 of January 2017 those People will get the financial assistance for first 9 months of residence in Poland.


    Act of 7 September 2007 on Polish Card>>>>

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