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  • Over a dozen homeless boys in Senegal will find homes thanks to a project by the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Morocco.


    The needs of Senegal are tremendous. Over 10,000 children live on the streets of Dakar and other big cities. The authorities of Senegal are not able to cope with this problem,” says Beata Burchert-Perlińska from the Polish Embassy in Morocco, currently on a monitoring visit  to Senegal. “Only with help from outside will it possible for those children to find home, a surrogate family and some hope for  a future,” she adds.


    The diplomats of the Polish Embassy in Morocco, who represent our country also in the neighboring Senegal, want to help Senegalese children. Within the framework of the project “Street child builds its own home” in the village Deme Birame Ndao Sud, located 50 km from Dakar, a facility for homeless boys from the “Perspective Senegal” association will be developed. When the work is completed,  12 boys will move in there and learn a vocation.


    The boys themselves construct a new part of the facility. They have already built three types of concrete blocks, which were used to erect foundations, walls and ceilings. Now they are building walls. Thanks to new tools purchased for the project, they will prepare material from which they will build beds.


    Work began in May, right after the signing of an agreement by the Ambassador of the Republic of Poland in Morocco Witold Spirydowicz and Ms. Beatrice Marceau from the “Perspective Senegal” association.


    The development of the facility for boys is not the only aid project carried out by the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Morocco. Children in the suburbs of Dakar are also supported by another  project: “Poland – Senegal: let’s meet in Buntu Pikine”. Thanks to Polish assistance and the engagement of local partners, especially the local Catholic parish and Fr Marek Myśliński, a Polish priest, children and young people  from the Buntu Pikine district can use the renovated cultural center, where, regardless of their religious beliefs, they can develop their interests and do homework under the watchful eye of teachers.


    The  two projects, which cost euro 20,000, are implemented under the small grants scheme, which enables Polish diplomatic missions to provide help directly to those who need it most.


    “Thanks to the small grants scheme even small diplomatic posts can realize development projects,” explains Beata Burchert-Perlińska. “The most important thing is to be able to correctly identify needs and find reliable local partners, who will oversee a project even after it is ends,” she concludes.

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