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  • Bilateral relations

    Diplomatic relations between Poland and Cambodia established in 1956. (in 1954 Poland became a member of International Commission for Supervision And Control Indo China (ICSC). Between 1991 – 1993  during UNCTAC peace keeping mission, in Cambodia stayed Polish civil and military service.


    Relations between parliaments are maintained.




    Economic relations

    Economic cooperation bases on contacts between trade companies. According to the figures, trade volume in 2011 reached USD 150 million and is steadily growing.




    Developing cooperation

    Poland’s development aid (in the Small Grants format) in Cambodia between 2005 – 2012 was carried out in a few projects. Between 2005 – 2007 with a total grant of USD 117 thousand 2 schools were built and in 2009 2 projects with a total cost EUR 47 thousand were carried out. In 2010 lasted an education project. Moreover, last year from Polish aid funds the organisators bought computer equipment for the Cambodia National Library.




    Bilateral contacts

    In Cambodia

    ·        2009 -  Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs P. Wojciechowski during 17th EU-ASEAN Ministers of Foreign Affairs Meeting;

    ·        2004 – the consultations on Deputy Mnisters of Foreign Affairs level


    In Poland

    ·        2005 - Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs

    ·        1994 - Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs





    4 intergovernmental agreements have been signed so far, covering the issues related to scientific and technological cooperation and civil aviation.

    Information about all treaties at:



    Contact data

    There is no Polish diplomatic mission in Cambodia. H.E. Ambassador in Thailand is also accredited to Cambodia.


    The Embassy of The Republic of Poland in Bangkok

    100/81-82, Vongvanij Building B, 25th Floor,

    Rama 9 Road, Huaykwang District, Bangkok 10310, Thailand.

    phone. (66) 2645 0367-9, fax. (66) 2645 0365





    Royal Embassy of Cambodia

    Benjamin- Vogelsdorff Strasse 2D; 13187 Berlin, Federal Republic of Germany

    phone. (49) 30- 4863 7901; fax: (49) 30- 48637972;


    Web site:

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