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  • Poland has long years of abundant and unique experience in the area of polar research.  Polish year-round research stations are located at both the North and the South Poles: Polska Stacja Polarna Hornsund im. St. Siedleckiego (the Stanisław Siedlecki Polish Polar Station in the Arctic) and Polska Stacja Arktyczna im. H. Arctowskiego (the Henryk Arctowski Polish Antarctic Station). Seasonal polar stations run by Polish universities also exist. Experienced polar researchers and scientists from Poland specialize in all the major scientific fields.


    The rapidly changing face of the Earth, including that of the Arctic and the Antarctic, calls for a new strategic vision of Poland’s presence on the South and North Poles. Our active engagement in multilateral cooperation concerning the two poles can enhance our overall security and international standing. It also shows our responsible approach to our plant’s fate and future and to development of international relations and policy.






    All photos by I. Sobota

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