• Faithful to my Homeland, the Republic of Poland



  • Adopted by the Council of Ministers, the Polish Foreign Policy Strategy is the basic document which lays down the foreign policy objectives of the Republic of Poland and the ways of implementing them in the years 2017-2021.


    Pursuant to the Government Administration Branches Act of 4 September 1997, the minister competent for foreign affairs was tasked with drafting multi-annual foreign affairs strategies and submitting them to the Council of Ministers. Provisions of the same Act mandate the minister competent for Poland’s membership of the European Union to develop the strategy of Poland’s EU policy. The above document implements those two requirements, which transpire from this Act.


    The document will also be used to coordinate the work of government agencies in the area of Poland’s foreign policy and to serve as a basis for the MFA’s operating Polish Foreign Policy Assumptions and foreign cooperation plans developed by other ministries and agencies.


    The annual Polish Foreign Policy Guidelines, another document shaping our external activities, reflect the priorities of our diplomacy in an operational manner. The Guidelines are adopted each year by the Council of Ministers at the request of the Minister of Foreign Affairs. The document is classified and considered as an indication of the international cooperation efforts of other ministries.


    The Department of Foreign Policy Strategy is in charge of drafting both the Priorities and the Guidelines.

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