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  • Poland’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and diplomatic missions have intervened close to 20 times against the defective memory code “Polish camps,” which appeared in press coverage of the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz-Birkenau camp. The defective code of memory was used by such media outlets as Time, Al-Jazeera, Le Monde, Liberation, Star Tribune, London Evening Standard, Daily Mail, Sun, TV Media in Austria, CT24 in the Czech Republic, TV One in New Zeland,  Geopolis in France, as well as the Italian dailies Il Giornale and Corriera della Sera.


    Polish diplomats have been getting in touch with editorial boards, editors-in-chief, and authors of the articles, requesting that they correct their texts in all published versions. Interventions have also been made through the social media. Following prompt reactions by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, erroneous wording has been deleted and apologies offered by the editorial boards.


    Since 2004, the MFA has been conducting a vigorous campaign against “the Polish camps.” Polish embassies and consulates keep monitoring the media, and react immediately a false expression has been reported. Thanks to efforts by Polish diplomats, stylebooks of foreign news agencies and media have adopted guidelines against using the unjust phrase (notable examples include the Wall Street Journal in November 2010, the San Francisco Chronicle in February 2011, the New York Times in March 2011, Yahoo in September 2011, and Associated Press in February 2012).

    Updates on actions taken by Polish diplomatic missions appear regularly on Twitter (@GermanNaziCamps), and the MFA website (Against “Polish Camps” section).


    MFA Press Office

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