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    Poland established diplomatic relations with Spain on 30 May 1919. After WWII, Poland’s communist government did not recognize the Franco cabinet, and diplomatic relations were restored as late as 31 January 1977 after Gen. Franco’s death, when constitutional monarchy was reinstated in Spain. On 31 January 1977 Poland and Spain re-established diplomatic relations and decided to exchange their envoys with the rank of ambassadors. Pursuant to an order by the minister of foreign affairs of 28 February 1977, that was followed by the opening of a Polish People’s Republic embassy in Spain.


    Relations between Poland and Spain are governed by the treaty on friendship and cooperation, concluded in 1992. In addition to that, Poland and Spain have entered into most of the sectoral agreements or arrangements.


    Spain remains one of Poland’s main bilateral, European and international partners. Bilateral relations acquired a privileged status under a joint Polish-Spanish Declaration signed by the prime ministers in 1998. Contacts are facilitated by a mechanism of annual intergovernmental Polish-Spanish consultations headed by prime ministers, taking place alternately in Poland and Spain since 2003. The most recent, 11th intergovernmental consultations were held in Madrid on 16 July 2015. The consultations were accompanied by the 4th Polish-Spanish Parliamentary Forum and the Polish-Spanish Investment Forum.


    We accompany the development of inter parliamentary contacts. The Polish-Spanish Parliamentarian Group headed by MP W. Andzel (Law and Justice party) was created on 13 April 2016 in the Sejm.


    Poland and Spain develop bilateral cooperation in the security policy and within NATO. Spanish Prime Minister M. Rajoy, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation J. M. Garcia-Margallo and Defence Minister P. Morenes took part in Warsaw NATO Summit on 8-9 July 2016. Spain also participated in the exercise Anakonda-16, the largest military exercise in Poland since 1989 (the 2d highest participation of Spanish soldiers after USA).


    Spain occupies an important position among Poland’s trade partners. In 2016 Poland ranked the eighth position among Spain’s largest EU trade partners. Last year the trade volume amounted to EUR 9,826 billion. Polish exports to Spain were at the level of EUR 5,026 billion, while imports totaled EUR 4,8 billion. Poland recorded a positive bilateral trade balance of EUR 195 million. In 2015 the value of Spanish direct foreign investments in Poland amounted to EUR 10,1 billion. The Polish direct investments in Spain reached the value of EUR 2,85 billion.


    Spain has an estimated Polish community of 100,000 people. Polish community and Poles in Spain are well organized. The consular district in Madrid and the consulate general district in Barcelona have respectively 23 and 5 Polish community organizations. Also highly active are organizations from Barcelona, Avila, Saragossa, Murcia, Valencia, Santiago de Compostela, and the Canaries. There are 11 Polish schools in Spain, run by Polish community organizations.

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