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    Poland established diplomatic relations with France on 24 February 1919. After the Second World War, the provisional Government of the French Republic recognised the Polish Provisional Government of National Unity on 29 June 1945.


    Relations between Poland and France are predominantly governed by the treaty on friendship and solidarity of 9 April 1991. Existing bilateral agreements cover cooperation in domestic affairs (1996), defence (2002), culture and education (2004), science and technology (2008), mutual protection of classified information (2008), and film coproduction (2012).


    France remains one of Poland’s key bilateral and global partners. Polish-French cooperation is founded on the 2008 Declaration of Polish-French Strategic Partnership, and the subsequent Programme of Cooperation of 2013 which implements it. Bilateral contacts are also supported by inter-governmental consultations presided over by prime ministers, held since 2004, and Polish-French summits attended by presidents, launched in 2005.


    The two countries have been involved in a regular top-level political dialogue, as evidenced by numerous meetings between Polish and French officials. The most important gatherings lately included the official visit President Andrzej Duda to Paris on 28 October 2015, and the visit of Prime Minister Beata Szydło in Paris on 3 February 2016. French Minister of Foreign Affairs Jean-Marc Ayrault paid his visit to Warsaw on 13 June 2016.


    Growth of bilateral relations has also been supported by collaboration between Poland, France and Germany within the Weimar Triangle, which celebrated its 25 anniversary in 2016.


    France is Poland’s fifth EU trade partner, with a 5% share in mutual trade, while Poland is the twelfth trade partner for France. In 2016, Polish-French trade reached EUR 17.1 billion: Polish exports to and imports from France were 10.1 billion and 7.0 billion, with Poland recording a positive balance of over EUR 3 billion. France is one of the most important foreign investors in Poland. The country is the fourth biggest contributor (after the Netherlands, Germany and Luxembourg) of foreign investment into Poland, with a 12% share in total foreign investment. Invested capital as at the end of 2015 amounted to EUR 17.9 billion. France is also one of the largest foreign employers in Poland. Approximately 1,300 French companies operate in Poland, of which 10% are large capital companies, which have created some 200,000 jobs. Target industries include information and communication technologies (47.7% of total French investment), industrial processing (17.4%), and vehicle trade and repair (14.4%).


    According to National Bank of Poland data, Polish foreign direct investment in France as at the end of 2014 stood at nearly EUR 1.9 billion. Polish investment focuses on the construction, transport, and IT industries, as well as the activities of Polish financial companies with foreign shareholders such as Pekao and UniCredit, BCP and Millenium.


    France is home to 500,000–1,000,00 Poles and people of Polish descent. It has numerous Polish institutions and organisations of diverse nature, with Paris as the cultural and intellectual heart of Polish community in France.



    Polish embassy in France website

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