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  • Poland and Armenia combines a long tradition of co-existence, extending even from the fourteenth century, when the Armenians found themselves in the Kingdom of Poland  and King Casimir the Great in 1356 approved their religious individuality and self-government.

    Today Polish - Armenians relations have a stable and permanent character. Poland established diplomatic ties with the Republic of Armenia on February 26, 1992 r . In both capitals are diplomatic representation at the level of the embassies.

    In March of 2010 it was signed Polish – Armenian intergovernmental agreement on economic cooperation, which entered into force on 16 June 2010. On the basis of it was set up mixed intergovernmental commission with the participation of government representatives and businessmen of both countries. After the conclusion of the agreement, interest of Polish companies on the Armenian market increased, they also started to participate for public tenders (Polish Security Printing Works in 2011 won orders for digital tachographs and modern printing documents) - is present in the market of Armenia to this day.

    Despite the systematic increase in the Polish trade with Armenia it is not significant. In 2015  Polish trade exchange with Armenia amounted to approx. 72.9 million USD (for comparison - in 2014 it was approx. 57.5 million USD ) - of which exports 55.1 million USD and import 17,8 million USD. 

    Armenia since 2004 participates in the European Neighborhood Policy (ENP) and since 2009 is a member of the Eastern Partnership. Thanks to this was included in the group of countries benefiting from the Polish development aid - several projects were financed and implemented through the Embassy of the Republic of Poland. In 2015 successfully were accomplished 2 projects for a total amount of approx. 250 thousand EUR (renovation of nursery and care facility).

    In 2013 Armenia has decided to join the Customs Union and the Eurasian Economic Union. In December 2015 Armenia started negotiations of a new framework agreement regulating cooperation of Yerevan with the European Union.

    In Armenia there are three Polish organizations, bringing together approx. 300 people (including Armenians - "sympathizers of Poland").

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