3 December 1976

Emil Wojtaszek 2 XII 1976 - 24 VIII 1980

Minister of Foreign Affairs

Born 22 August 1927 in Cracow, economist, diplomat. In 1929–1944 stayed in France. Member of the French Resistance. Prisoner of a concentration camp. He returned to Poland in 1950. In 1958 graduated from the Academy of Social Sciences. In 1958–1965 a member of the World Peace Council Office and deputy director of the International Peace Institute in Vienna.  Undersecretary of state in the MFA in 1972, in 1972–1976 ambassador to France. In 1976 minister of administration, local economy and environmental protection. Minister of foreign affairs from 2 December 1976 to 24 August 1980. In 1981 ambassador to Italy and Malta.

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