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Polish Diaspora
The Polish diaspora refers to people of Polish descent who live outside Poland. In Poland, the word Polonia  – simply meaning Poland in several languages – is commonly used.
According to reliable estimates, 15-20 million people of Polish ancestry live outside Poland (the current population of the country is slightly over 38 million). The reasons for this massive displacement of several generations of Poles people vary: they include border shifts, forced resettlement, and political or economic emigration. Major communities of Poles or people of Polish origin can be found in the United States, Germany, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Lithuania, France, the United Kingdom, Sweden, and Ireland, as well as in Brazil, Canada, Australia and Argentina. Poles also reside in many other countries on all continents.
A large proportion of Polish citizens who migrated – mostly to the United States – in the early 20th century were Polish Jews. Today, they and their families form a considerable part of the Jewish Diaspora. Until 1939, Poland was home to the world's largest Jewish population, but over three million Polish Jews were killed in the Holocaust by Nazi Germany.
Over the period of the last two decades, with the Republic of Poland enjoying its regained freedom and sovereignty, the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Senate and many other institutions have made great efforts to help Polish citizens displaced around the world. This assistance embraces a variety of forms and activities, from financial aid and active support of Polish ethnic minority rights in the countries of domicile to symbolic gestures of national heritage – so important for Polish citizens and millions of Poles living away from their fatherland.
The Polish language version of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website contains many important documents and information relating to Poles living abroad.


Card of the Pole

The Card of the Pole is a document stating adherence to the Polish nation. The Card holder is entitled to all of the benefits detailed in the bill passed by the Polish Sejm on 7 September 2007.

The holder of the Card of the Pole may: obtain a long-term visa enabling multiple entries into Poland, take up legal employment without having to obtain a work permit, run a business in Poland on the same conditions as Polish citizens, benefit from the Polish education system free of charge, use Polish emergency medical services on the same conditions as Polish citizens, visit state-operated museums in Poland free of charge, be among the first to apply for financial support from the central or local budget devoted to supporting Polish citizens abroad.
The Card of the Pole does not entitle the holder to obtain Polish citizenship, the legal right to reside in the territory of the Republic of Poland, or cross the Polish border without a valid visa.


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