• Być wiernym Ojczyźnie mej, Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej

  • MFA Chief Radosław Sikorski was asked on Thursday about how he assessed Wednesday’s speech by the British PM David Cameron, who declared that an ever closer union to which Europe is now heading was not in Great Britain’s interest and reaffirmed his intention to renegotiate London’s relations with the EU, and to put the result of such efforts to a referendum before the end of 2017.



    Minister Sikorski said that it was an important speech, one which made things crystal clear.



    The MFA chief believes that Cameron has moved his country in the EU hierarchy from a member of the triumvirate composed of Great Britain, Germany and France to a category of “a country under special care” requiring special attention so it does not do something unwise and exit the EU.



    Sikorski emphasized that on this account “the group wielding power in the EU will have a different make-up”.



    He also assessed that Poland’s interests in the European Union are reverse to those of Great Britain’s. “Great Britain can take what belongs to it and run back to its island, while anchoring our membership permanently in the Latin civilization lies in our vested national interest" said Sikorski. “In order for this to happen, we need closer ties with the EU, not looser.”

    According to the Minister, Poland can join the group that Great Britain has just decided to opt out.



    "We have to continue our reforms and become a member of the euro zone. And once that happens, at the end of the current decade, we can join this group, of three or five states, which has the most to say in the European Union," said Sikorski.


    In his speech Cameron announced that his Conservative Party will appeal to voters to give the future conservative cabinet a mandate to negotiate new terms with Brussels. The next parliamentary elections are scheduled for 2015.

    In the event Conservatives win, a referendum will be called before the end of 2017 on Great Britain’s stay in the EU. “It will be a referendum for or against,” said the Prime Minister and warned that if Great Britain decided to exit the European Union, there will be no turning back.



    He also presented the most important – in his view – elements of the EU: “flexibility, adaptability and openness".


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