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  • During their stay in London Warsaw archivists from the KARTA foundation will digitalize a set of photographs and will record the stories of renowned Polish civil servants.



    Selected materials will be transferred to the KARTY  archive in Warsaw as well as The Polish Institute and The Museum of General Sikorski in London, which partners in the project. The photographs will be available to view on, and the recordings on Part of the materials will be also available on the website of Polish Embassy in London dedicated to the history of the Polish Republic in exile


    Thanks to the funding from the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and the Polish Senate the KARTA Foundation was able to come back to Great Britain to continue the work that they started a year ago. The Archivists invited to collaboration members of Polish families who themselves collect historical records. Among the first ones who opened her archives to the KARTA archivists was the First Lady Karolina Kaczorowska.


    All pictures, including those from the First Lady Kaczorowska as well as those of other Polish families,  will be scanned and only later edited and published. This is in order for the original materials to stay uninterrupted  with their owners. As part of the project the archivist will also record conversations with the witnesses of history, which will be later passed to the biggest Polish Archive of Oral History.


    -Last year we visited 15 families. We scanned and published on the internet 1000 photographs. Among those were the unique pictures from pre-war Polish cities, soldiers on the WWII front, exiles evacuated from USSR as well as paintings from the life of Polish emigrants in British cities. So far private records- thanks to the permission of their owners- became now a valuable historical source for historians, students, pupils and anyone who is passionate about history. This year we are collaborating with The Polish Institute and The General Sikorski Museum, the biggest Polish archives outside of the country – says Joanna Łuba, the assistant director for archives from the KARTA Foundation.


    Thanks to the collaboration with the Polish Embassy in London digitalized materials, alongside other places, will be also published on the internet website The bilingual site is the effect of a longstanding work and commitment of the Polish Embassy in London, the aim of which is to increase the knowledge about the history and heritage of Polish Government in exile among Poles in Poland and in the United Kingdom.


    -During the whole project we managed to collect a great number of archival materials: videos, audios and pictures, however, the subject is inexhaustible. That’s why we cooperate with the KARTA foundation. Thanks to their professional work, personal photographs of many Poles living in London since WWII, will be available and will shed a better light on the history of Polish emigration, both for Polish people in the country as well those who recently came to Great Britain – said the ambassador Witold Sobków.


    If you have access to previously unpublished photographs or documents connected to the Polish Government in exile or the life in emigration, please contact the organizers  by sending an email to or


    The Karta foundation is an independent non-governmental organization, which for almost 30 years collects materials of social life in Poland and Polish people abroad from the XX century: documents, photographs, journals, memoirs, letters – in order to look into the past through the experience of individuals. Materials collected by the KARTA foundation are used by tens of thousands of users each month.


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