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  • To mark the 75th anniversary of the Polish Government-in-Exile’s relocation to London and the 25th anniversary of the conclusion of its activities, Polish Embassy UK has undertaken a promotional and educational project under the title “Republic in Exile / Rzeczpospolita Londyńska”. The project covers the activity of the exiled Polish authorities and the wider Polish émigré community in Britain both during the Second World War and in the post-war period up until the political breakthrough of 1989-1991. The goal of the project is to raise awareness of the history and legacy of the Government-in-Exile and of the Polish exiles in Britain, among Poles in Poland and in the United Kingdom.



    In 2014, we produced a short documentary series on the history of the Polish Government-in-Exile, featuring newly recorded interviews with witnesses of the past: First Lady Karolina Kaczorowska and her daughter Jagoda, First Lady Anna Sabbat and her daughter Jolanta, ministers Jerzy Ostoja-Koźniewski and Artur Rynkiewicz, two advisers to the Prime Minister: Andrzej Zakrzewski and Adam Ostoja-Ostaszewski, and Teresa Szadkowska – daughter of the last Chairman of the National Council Zygmunt Szadkowski. We also gathered an extensive archive material, sourced from the Polish Institute and Sikorski Museum collections as well as private collections.


    The success of the documentary series encouraged us to record new interviews with the families of leading émigré statesmen in 2015: President Stanisław Ostrowski’s nephew – Adam, President Edward Raczyński’s daughters – Katarzyna and Wirydianna, and General Władysław Anders’s daughter – Anna Maria. We have also asked a historian – Prof Norman Davies for an analysis of the work of the Polish Government-in-Exile. On the exact day of the 25th anniversary of the handover ceremony of the presidential insignia at the Royal Castle in Warsaw, we launched the internet portal and its Polish version: that will make easily accessible all the information and archives which we have produced and gathered so far.


    Thanks to English subtitles, the project has a chance of appealing also to a British audience.


    The project was created by Konrad Jagodziński, Senior Public Relations Specialist at Polish Embassy UK, and Agnieszka Chmura, filmmaker and founder of Light Leeks, who filmed and edited all the videos.


    Follow the project in social media under the hashtag #RepublicInExile on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the @PolishEmbassyUK YouTube channel.

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