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  • 8 September 2017

    “We should concentrate not only on the outcomes of the Eastern Partnership Summit in Brussels or the text of the Summit Declaration, but on the long-term perspective for our eastern partners. Such perspective can be ensured by developing transportation, energy, digital and people-to-people links and by supporting young people,” Minister Witold Waszczykowski said in Tallinn on Friday.


    Foreign ministers of the European Union and Eastern Partnership (EaP) countries today discussed the upcoming Eastern Partnership Summit, planned to take place in Brussels on 24 November 2017. “The success of the Eastern Partnership initiative depends on all the parties involved. Member States and EaP countries should be building a positive message, should be demonstrating the validity of the project and emphasizing its benefits for the so-called ordinary citizen. We cannot afford the next EaP to be unsuccessful,” noted Minister Waszczykowski.

    Poland’s top diplomat also pointed out that the EaP Summit in November should showcase the Easter Partnership’s existing successes that have brought tangible benefits to the citizens of the EU and the eastern neighbourhood countries. In this context, the minister referred to the entry into force of the Association Agreements and the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreements (AA/DCFTA) with Moldova, Georgia, and Ukraine, as well as the lifting of visa requirements for the citizens of these countries.

    The meeting between EU foreign ministers and their counterparts from the Eastern Partnership countries took place in connection with an informal meeting of EU foreign ministers (Gymnich) that was held in Tallinn on 7-8 September.

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