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  • 22 March 2016

    We are shocked by the news of a series of explosions that took place today in Belgium. We convey our condolences to the families and loved ones of the victims of the tragic attacks at Zaventem international airport and in downtown Brussels.

     According to the latest information obtained by Poland’s consular services, there are three Polish citizens among the persons injured during today’s Brussels attacks. They are being treated in hospital. Our consular services are in touch with the families of the injured persons. 




    Following the series of explosions, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has updated its travel warning.  Please be aware that on 22 March, Belgium’s Coordinating Unit for Threat Analysis (OCAM) raised its terrorist threat alert for Belgium as a whole to four, the highest level. The airport and roads leading to it have been closed until at least noon, on Wednesday, 23 March. Incoming flights to the Zaventem airport were diverted to other airports, including the Charleroi airport (60 km from Brussels) and the Liège airport (120 km from Brussels). From 4.00 p.m. public transport (tramways and buses) is being restored and railway stations are being re-opened – with heightened controls. The authorities no longer appeal to people to stay home or at work, but continue to call for strict compliance with instructions issued by security services. Security controls at Belgian borders have been increased.


     BOCAM keeps monitoring the security situation in Belgium. A new announcement will be issued as soon as security recommendations are changed.


    MFA Press Office  

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